About the Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada

Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada (DFPNC) believes that high quality dance programs for people with Parkinson’s disease should be easily accessible anywhere in the country. DFPNC is committed to:

  1. Improving access to dance programs for people living with PD, regardless of physical mobility or geographic location
  2. Increasing specialized training opportunities and professional development resources for dance instructors
  3. Expanding program offering and classes in communities across Canada

Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada has been developed through a partnership of:

Canada’s National Ballet School, one of the world’s foremost training institutions for aspiring young dancers and teachers, believes that everyone should have access to high-quality dance programs, encouraging people to engage artistically, and reap the physical, social, emotional and cultural benefits that dance provides. NBS’ Sharing Dance community initiative engages seniors, including those with Parkinson’s disease or dementia, with dance activities that contribute to better health and improved quality of life.

Dance for PD® Innovative and internationally-replicated, the Mark Morris Dance Group’s Dance for PD® program includes community dance classes, acclaimed teacher training programs, and high quality media resources. Delivered in more than 120 communities in 17 countries around the globe, the program invites people with Parkinson's and their families to experience the joys and benefits of dance while creatively addressing condition-specific concerns related to balance, cognition, motor skills, depression, isolation and confidence.

Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) creates and delivers a dance and movement intervention for those living with Parkinson’s disease in Canada. DWP is a revolutionary resource for PD sufferers that has shown to elevate mood, reduce stress, increase social connections and improve the physical wellbeing of its participants since 2008. DWP delivers these specialized dance classes throughout the GTA in 12 separate locations and is consistently working toward fulfilling our cross-country expansion plan.

Parkinson Canada is a charitable organization that provides services, support and education to individuals and the health care professionals that treat them. Operating since 1965, the organization advocates on issues concerning the Parkinson’s community in Canada. It funds innovative research for better treatments and a cure.

Become a Charter Member

As a Charter Member of the DFPNC, you’ll gain special access to:

  • Promotion: Your program(s) will be promoted via the DFPNC website, which is currently under development, as well as through social media channels and direct communications
  • Training: Access to online professional development resources, currently in development
  • Connection and Support: Contribute to a community of practice and a growing support system. You will have access to the DFPNC Member Forum where all members are welcome to post questions, comments, challenges, and contribute to important conversations about the growth of PD dance programs in Canada
  • Research: Access a centralized hub of research around dance and PD; and potential opportunities to participate in research studies in conjunction with the DFPNC

To become a Charter Member of DFPNC, please email info@dancepdnetwork.ca.


Contact Us

Please send all inquiries to info@dancepdnetwork.ca.